Money Mark: Brand New Tomorrow

Unofficial fourth Beastie boy, Dj and musician in his own right Money Mark is back with his new album. Having been a fan of his previous work ‘Mark’s keyboard repairs, push the button’ I was a little surprised at this record on first listen, not disappointed just a little taken a back. You see gone are the samples and stomping beat tunes here is the new sound, laid back, summer, organic and someone must of told Mark he can sing (he can) because for the whole album his voice is straight, no effects or studio tricks, its pure and its beautiful. Think Jack Johnson, G-love, Aqualung even Nick Drake all wrapped in sunshine pianos and beach guitars. It’s still funky, it’s still fun but its chilled down a lot; it’s a record that’s taking it easy. The song writing is as good as anything he’s done in the past and so too are the lyrics which now take a major role in each composition. ‘Everyday I die a little, everyday I live a lot’ just one example of the nuggets of upbeat philosophy that pepper the tracks, even when he sings ‘One of these days I’m going to find someone to shine with, as you radiate nothing’ it still manages to sound upbeat. Yes its still Mark, yes it’s a slight detour into a newer direction but it should see him adding to his fan base especially now with the summer approaching.

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