Marilyn Manson:Eat me, Drink me.

With its roots in a messy break up with former wife Dita von Tesse, the self proclaimed God of F**k is back with his new album. After the disappointing dabble into covers like ‘Tainted Love’ and ‘Personal Jesus’ around the release of his greatest hits I want Manson to be back on form, I want the antichrist superstar back, but from the first few listens to ‘eat me, drink me’ I cant see him anywhere. What I can see is some watered down glam cock rock by numbers, not a pretty sight. His raspy voice is suitably absinthe torn and there is a vague attempt to capture the sound of previous outings but it all just seems a bit too well, tame. Set the controls to the heart of the charts it seems, something that I never thought Mr.Warner would not do, how wrong can a fan be. There are user friendly guitar solos that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Guns ‘n’ Roses record and catchy sing along choruses, basically what this album lacks is balls. It seems that Manson has completed his journey to become a parody of himself, a panto dame, the ridiculed outsider, the clown it’s ok to let you children listen to. Manson once declared on Mechanical Animals that ‘Rock is Dead’ well on the basis of this album he’s done nothing to help resurrect it. His sound now seems as safe as the interest on his bank balance. As I massive fan I am disappointed and let down by a figure who I admired for non-conformity, no one is going to picket his gigs anymore, they’ll probably go to see what, if anything, all the fuss was about. Come in Brian your time is up, we need a new saviour, a new Mister Superstar.

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