Biffy Clyro: The Puzzle

Opening with the fantastically titled ‘Living is a problem because everything dies’ it is not only the second single here after ‘Saturday Superhouse’ it is also a cracking start to what after three ‘Bleach’ type records of brilliance has to be Biffy Clyro’s ‘Nevermind’. This without compromising their integrity has so many good tunes packed onto one record that it should dint the charts with a sledgehammer and catapult these three rockers to the levels of Muse and above. Continuing along with the beautiful ‘As dust dances’ with its ‘There’s a man on the corner selling bones, he has every one except the one I want’ the piano exit it is the only breather we get before we are thrust back into ‘The conversation is..’ a guitar sing along that will surely have the crowds going at the live shows. ‘Now I’m everyone’ and ‘Semi-mental’ are both cracking guitar tunes reminiscent of some of the earlier albums stuff. ‘Love has a diameter’ exchanges the fuzz for sentiment and comes out unscathed but is probably the weakest track here. ‘Get fucked stud’ and ‘Folding stars’ are pure Radish type pop/rock all catchy hooks, jangle guitars and repeat choruses. ‘9/15ths’ lowers the volume, to start with, but ups the anti with the lyrics ‘we’re on a hell slide, help us, help us’ before a choir join in and it goes all Sabbath on us. Ending on a more sombre note the almost acoustic ‘Machines’ is a ballad that will put a lump in your throat ‘I’ve started falling apart, I’m not savouring life, I’ve forgotten how good it can be to feel alive’ and its as good as any of Cobain’s low points. With a perfect mix of fast and slow songs, singles and emotional album tracks this is the most mature and fun Biffy Clyro have been all at the same time and it will put them on the musical map.

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