old sketch memory.

So I stop off at the shop on the way home from work. I definitely need loo rolls and I have an urge for cheese and while I’m there I have a vision of my night ahead, a bath, the Sunday times and a glass of wine. But as I approach the counter clutching the three items my mind reminds me of an old Mary Whitehouse sketch where David biddies does a similar shop. He said that he always felt like the cashier was judging him on his purchases in their minds which made him want to explain himself. ‘erm I’m not sure what this looks like but I do a lot more than poo and eat cheese and then have a drink and then eat some more cheese and have another poo’. I consider taking this course of action until I realise the woman behind the counter can barley speak English and wont understand me, saved from my embarrassing speech I bag up my items and leave. By the way I do do more then eat cheese, drink and poo. But not much.

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