Deep sea fiver.

Well as I checked my lottery ticket from last night today and was told again ‘sorry you haven’t matched any numbers’ I read the story that convinces me I’m in the wrong job. A team of American deep sea explorers have uncovered the biggest ever haul of treasure. At an undisclosed location in the Atlantic they have found 17 tons of colonial-era silver and gold coins worth, wait for it, £253 million. They think each individual coin will fetch on average £506 which means I’d only need to find twenty to be debt free. So who’s with me? Got a snorkel? All we need a boat and an old map with X marks the spot on it and we are away. Plus if we assemble a rag tag team of crazy characters we could be the new Goonies! So dig out your wetsuit, drop the bailiffs a line and start to think who might play you in the film version of our underwater adventure. All together now ‘pieces of 506’.

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