Lavender Diamond-Imagine our Love

‘Oh no’ opens the album in style with is breathy vocals, accompanied by just guitar, piano and drums its chugs along with its ‘oh lord when will I love again’ mantra until the piano comes to life with an unexpected solo before falling back into it catchy rhythm. ‘Garden rose’ takes the tone down slightly with violins and acoustic guitars backing the vocal statements of the female lead ‘I’ll never stop a bullet, but a bullet might stop me’ but it’s quite beautiful in its execution. ‘Open heart’ changes pace and ups the tempo a little, at first it starts to sound like Keane (both bands use piano, drums as the base) before the band wrestle it back onto their own terms and sound. ‘Side of the lord’ sounds like a traditional standard and again the vocals of the lead female are amazing. ‘I’ll never lie again’ see the band strip right down and they let the string arrangement sweep right through the song to full affect. ‘Dance until its tomorrow’ sounds a bit like an All About Eve song with its piano and guitar providing a line to hang the vocals from as they blow in the wind and at six and a half minutes it’s the longest track on the album. ‘Like an arrow’ keeps a funky beat and builds up and up as it repeats itself. ‘My shadow is a Monday’ contains traces of the Carpenters within its alt-country walls. ‘Bring me a song’ with its simple piano sounds like a lullaby and drifts slowly along in the style of a modern hymn. ‘Here comes a one’ burst forth with its Kinks guitar and lifts the band again into a polyphonic chorus of catchy proportions. With ‘Find a way’ the band strips back down to a minimal line up with the vocals whispering the lament of love. ‘When you wake for certain’ closes the album with a another beautiful string arrangement propping up the piano and guitar, the lyrics declaring ‘when you wake for certain, will you still be hurting?’ building into a moving crescendo before fading away. A truly modern take on the simple band format mixing strings with the sound you have come to expect from alt-country as a genre and coming out with something amazing and fresh.

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