Black rebel motorcycle club- Baby81

When B.R.M.C. first came on to he scene with their self titled album of ‘Jesus and Mary Chain’ stoner rock they we all leather jackets, distorted guitars and killer tunes, the second album wasn’t bad either and they enjoyed success for a while. Then they fell out, it happens to some bands, they weren’t getting on and at that time made some shit music and were worse live. I’d seen them a fair few times but when I saw them play Sheffield about 2003 they were shocking, in the pub after they all arrived (separately) and stood as far apart from each other as they could, I spoke to them telling them how disappointed I was with the gig, unsurprisingly they agreed and even admitted they weren’t even talking. So thankfully that all seems to be behind them, they are talking and have made an album as close to the greatness of their debut as possible. Baby 81 is a ferocious return to form and providing they can carry on being friends and band mates could see them back at the top of their game. ‘weapon of choice’ lead single and shortest track on the album is a good example of how blisteringly good this band can be, chugging guitars and a catchy chorus, a real stomp along floor filler. Elsewhere ‘window’ ushers in a Beatles style piano riff and high pitched vocal that stands out from the usual walls of noise but don’t worry it still has a searing guitar solo.  ‘not what you want’ could have sat easily on Oasis’s last album and ‘666 conducer’ sounds like a Mark Lanegan song which is no bad thing. ‘all you do is talk’ has a sweeping organ and hymn like start before the drums kick it up a gear as the duelling guitars fight in unison. But the album highlight comes in the form of nine minute ‘American x’ the track builds into a monster before breaking right down again in the middle with its Queens of the Stone Age desert rock meets the Doors freak out it is the most ambitious the band have ever been and it works. With the crescendo of that still ringing in your eyes the boys go into ‘am I only’ which is a song of two halves the first being the closest they’ll ever come to a ballad and they rock it up in the second. Album closer ‘need some air’ is a menacing little number that brings to an end the hour and a feeling that we have benefited from a band settling their differences and going back to what they do best, I now look forward to the new live show where these new songs will go hand in hand with the older ones and should make for an amazing gig.

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