Mark Ronson – Version

Ultra hip and much sort after produce Ronson brings out his own album of very distinct cover versions. I first heard him on ‘Exit music: the songs of Radiohead’ which was a collection of  Radiohead tunes funked up to the max, his foot-tapping take on ‘Just’ is included here as are versions (hence the title) of other popular tunes from all genres of music. The album opens with an acoustic ‘God put a smile on your face’ (Coldplay) and sets you up for the tunes to follow ‘Stop me’ (Smiths), ‘Toxic’ (Britney), ‘Amy’ (Ryan Adams) and ‘Oh my god’ (Kaiser Chiefs) to name but a few but the real coo her is the range of guest vocalists from Amy Whinehouse to Ol’ Dirty B*stard, Robbie Williams to Kasabian. Just like Robbie doing an album of swing tunes this record seemingly does a makeover on each track turning it into something that wouldn’t be out of place on a Motown compilation or a funk mix for that matter. Each track has groovy beats, lush strings and blasting brass which should ensure that this record will become this summer’s record for a lot of people. Fun and funky Ronson has collated a great selection of songs and re-jigged them into a coherent album that is fresh and of course familiar all at the same time. Sadly his brass laden cover of the Queens of the Stone Age’s ‘No one knows’ is only on the single of ‘Stop me’ and it’s a real shame its not included here as it’s a belter, oh well you cant have everything. A great record from a talented guy who obviously has an ear for a tune.
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