Why the youth of today is miss-informed and grow up stupid.

I recently picked up a copy of ‘MIC’ Nottingham universities official music magazine, after all I like reading and I like music, but what a waste of trees. Now I know these people write for each other and not for the likes of me but still if you’re not going to get your facts right you may as well not bother or work for tabloid scum. Let me explain, firstly there is an article berating music fans, by an unknown author, called ‘why I hate people part 1’. It sits neatly on page five between articles on Arcade Fire and Jamie T and slags of the people who would like both bands. Then we are treated to the genius of Laura Thompson who states ‘emo was a relatively unknown genre until 2006’ and ‘the best selling album of 2006 was Snow Patrols second delivery ‘Eyes Open’. Your just one of those people who buys music for fashion aren’t you? Wasn’t there an article about you on page five? ‘Eyes Open’ is snow patrols 4th album, but oh wait the first two weren’t used on the football or adverts or as background music in the café on Eastenders. Wait what’s this on page nine an article on ‘God Speed you black emperor’ now this could be good, no wait they’ve done it again, apparently according to Alexander George Baker II god speed have been an influence on later-era Radiohead (what when they went all electro, ditched the guitars and listened to loads of Kraftwerk?) and ‘without god speed there would have been no Sigor Ros’ (who yes supported them once but came from Iceland and probably wouldn’t have heard of god speed when they where developing their sound) geez. So to page 11 where there is an article by Nicole Green on why indie music is twee because she says ‘any band playing loosely arranged cheap gigs and hand-drawing record sleeves owes its existence to indiepop’ so its nothing to do with cash then? Or punk, Warhol, Dadaism, fluxus. I’m pretty sure that there were lo-fi handmade records (covers and all) well before the NME (a corporate tool to sell records after all) made a free tape in 1986. But if you want to believe that they were solely responsible for the birth of a scene/genre then lets ask them to come up with another shall we? How about a compilation of bands that haven’t even formed yet on a cover mounted Bluetooth chip? New-neo-futurists if you will. About now I start to get really bored by this inane drivel and as soon as Thomas Slone says in his article on page 12 ‘popular guitar music can more or less be traced back into widespread consciousness to ‘the strokes and the white stripes’ I head butt the table, did I miss a decade or two? Are Oasis, Blur, Pulp, R.E.M, U2 etc a figment of my imagination, didn’t one of Fat Boy Slim’s first solo singles sample The Who riff from ‘Can’t explain’? I know you love living in your bubble where nothing exists before 1995 and the Klaxons invented dance music with guitars in but it’s simply not true. Blah blah blah, Arcade Fire are mainstream indie with depth (?) Mika is the soundtrack to 2007, Broadway is the most cultured place in Nottingham (truest thing they’ve said so far) Screen Room is so small I cant find it (its opposite Broadway, Sherlock) I think the painful thing is that while these students are supposed to be better educating themselves they are busy wasting their time writing a music magazine, and if this is what they want to do instead of doing their dissertation the least they can do is get it right. A quick trip to the library should do it, pop wickipedia into the internet and obtain facts galore. Plus to any observing lecturers it may look like they are doing work. You may be cool in the uni bar in your t-shirt and scarf combo in mid-December but you are still a c**t to me.  

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