Nine Inch Nails at the Nottingham Ice Arena

From the deepest rumbles and distortion, through a fug of smoke, Trent Reznor and his band launch into action on stage at the Ice Arena in front of a salivating crowd of diehard fans. They don’t disappoint the sound fills every inch of the massive venue and old hits nestle comfortably next to new material from the much anticipated new release ‘year zero’. They blast through storming versions of classics such as ‘March of the Pigs’, ‘Closer’ and ‘Terrible Lie’ with Trent in fine form vocally and physically for a man of his age as he leaps about the stage nearly as much as his guitarist. I wondered if after Johnny Cash’s seminal version of ‘Hurt’ if they would leave it for him but Trent reclaimed it excellently as his own by playing it on piano under a solitary spotlight. With everyone singing and moshing along as the stage lights induce epileptic fits the band close the set with ‘Head like a Hole’ and no one leaves the venue disappointed. They came, we saw, they rocked. A triumphant gig by a brilliant band, Nottingham couldn’t have asked for more.

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