One mans vision is another mans nightmare and here David Lynch returns with his latest three hour mind f*ck. Part ‘Eraserhead’, part furthering the themes touched on in ‘Mullholand Dr’ this is a film that you don’t go to see on a whim it certainly wont win over many new fans, but if you are a lynch lover then prepare to step into the nightmarish world of ‘INLAND EMPIRE’. The majority of the film is centred around an amazing performance by star and co-producer Laura Dern as Lynch’s woman in trouble as it states on the poster, she flips between dreams, reality and nightmares as easily as someone switching on and off a light switch and as she unravels so too does the film to become more disjointed and bizarrely tense. The most interesting thing here is that the whole movie is filmed on digital, this has its advantages, the effects, freedom and fluidity and it has disadvantages, looks cheap and grainy at times. But these factors put in the hands of lynch do not matter he is like a film studies student with a big budget and even bigger ideas and it shows. Writing the night before each scene was shot the actors can be a little more real as they never knew what they would be doing from day to day and the action jumps from Hollywood to Poland to giant rabbits to dancing hookers and more. With strange rooms and imposing corridors the settings are also a major player as is the diverse collection of music which ranges from eerie to Beck and the locomotion to Lynch singing one himself. By no means an easy watch, think an amalgamation of ‘Lost Highway’, ‘Mullholland Dr’ and any Aphex Twin video and you’re not even close and with the nightmare lasting so long it becomes a very intense experience. Weird and wonderful not so much ‘Alice in wonderland’ more David and Laura in horrible hollywoodland. If you think you can handle it go deep into the vision of a man who has clearly carved his own style into the art of filmmaking, there is no-one quite like Lynch and no film quite like ‘INLAND EMPIRE’.

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