Oscar’s the grouch

Its 3:52 and I’ve already got 11 out of 24 Oscar nominations wrong. Pans Labyrinth or Pants labyrinth as I call it has already won 3 and the best supporting actor has gone to Alan Arkin for the 10 minutes he was in ‘little miss sunshine’ before he died. On this basis I know nothing about film, I should I work in a cinema, but they always throw you a curve ball at the last minute. One of my films of last year ‘Children of men’ will get nothing and Scorsese will no doubt win best film for ‘The Departed’ even though its not his or anyone’s best film, its good, but not that good. But when has it ever been about praising great filmmaking? Martins only going to get it because he’s never had one before, Halle Berry despite her acting ability only got one because they felt the need to give one to a black actress, next it will the child or the disabled actor to get the golden statuette. The most annoying thing is the fact that just having a little gold action man will make people go to the cinema and see a film, that trophy of approval is enough to persuade joe public to switch of the television and go out and watch a bigger television. All I am saying is wouldn’t it be great if people went out and saw a film that cost £100,000 to make and enjoyed it as apposed to a film that cost 3 million and was a massive pile of pants? All these so called awards do is rub egos and they don’t actually reflect then artistic merit involved in making the films, so what ever wins the best film will be seen by so many people who maybe aren’t actually seeing the best film at all. What a shame it has come to this.

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