Kaiser chiefs: Yours truly, Angry mob

Lead single ‘Ruby’ opens the album and is a taster of what’s to come, on first listen the single didn’t grab me like anything of ‘Employment’ but a few listens later it is a catchy pop ballad worthy of being the first thing you hear from this record. Three songs in and we are still in a jaunty pace all keyboards, guitars and sing along choruses and then ‘Highroyds’ ups the level a bit before dropping down for the mostly acoustic ‘loves not a competition’ which has echoes of everything form Blur to the Smiths. It is very hard to escape the influences that Blur have obviously had especially on ‘I can do it without you’ with its la la la refrain and ‘My kind of guy’ which is just ‘This Charming Man’ with a pinch more malice. ‘Everything is average nowadays’ with have the crowds going when done live and is probably the closest thing here to there old material. Then we get the bizarre ‘Boxing champ’ a minute and a half piano ballad with Ricky doing his best Gene Pitney croon and I can’t think why this track was even considered never mind added. By the time you reach ‘Learnt my lesson well’ you have heard it before and are running out of tracks for something to grab you like ‘oh my god’ did from the first record. ‘Try your best’ has a stab at being a meatier track complete with its Guns and Roses-esq Guitar solo and final track ‘Retirement’ is a fitting closer to the album, a typical Kaisers track boot stomping and lyrically easy to join in with but unfortunately this album is just a rehash of ‘Modern life is rubbish’ and the Kaisers ironically have written there own review in track nine ‘Everything is average nowadays’.

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