Hot Fuzz

When you have made a film like ‘Shaun of the Dead’ it is always going to be a tall order to follow it up but the team have done it with cop comedy ‘Hot Fuzz’. Although not quite as good as Shaun (what could be?) the boys give rural policing the zombie treatment and give us a right laugh in the process. There are no punches pulled here and the laughs are often full on or simply gross outs. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost after living and working together for so long have built up a report that aids the comedic timing of both and they play off each other so well, Pegg makes a convincing if not quirky leading man of sorts and Frost is the source of much of the amusement as the bumbling buffoon. Elsewhere there is an amazing supporting cast and at times it is like spot the face, Coogan, Woodward, Nighy, Dalton, Freeman, Considine to name but a few, but not unlike ‘The League of Gentlemen’ there is an unseen element to the overall piece and that is writer/director Wright. Along with Pegg the script they have delivered is not just full of great lines but great action sequences and in the last quarter of the film it gives them licence to be exceptionally over the top. It is also one of those films you will have to see more than once to spot all the homage’s to other films I spotted ‘Leon’ and ‘Bad Boys’ but I know there are more. If you liked ‘Spaced’ and ‘Shaun’ then you will no doubt love ‘Hot Fuzz’ it’s well made, clever and damn right funny, plus you get to see Pegg kick a granny in the face what more can you ask for? 


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