Whatever happened to my rock ‘n’ roll?

What the hell has happened to rock and roll these days? Where are the wild child’s? Where are the stars you used to look at and go ‘I want to be you because you’re so fucking cool’, where are the people who don’t give a fuck? The people who will make a difference without making complete fools out of themselves. These days the so called stars are on reality television shows in the old days that television would have flown right out the hotel room window. I only say this because it was announced that Pete ‘the heroin chic’ Doherty has been banned from driving and fined £300. I am sick of hearing about this talentless junkie fuck, everyday it’s ‘Pete smokes a fag’, Pete wears a new hat’ or Pete lets one rip’ these are not rock and roll headlines these are annoying time wasting pointless facts. This waste of space (granted his emaciated frame does not take up a lot of space) hasn’t done a decent song since the Libertines, has no one thought there could be a reason for that like he wasn’t the talented one in that band? But oh no he’s good for column inches and keeping his washed up model girlfriend in drug contacts. I watched the Brit awards last night where Oasis won lifetime achievement award or something like that but what was going on with arrogant attitude monster Liam from the front he looked like racing pundit John McCririck and from the back he’s definitely getting a bald spot and somebody please tell me what is Amy Winehouse? It’s like a cross between a transvestite bricklayer and Alien, I’ve seen fitter ill treated donkeys rescued by the R.S.P.C.A. Where are the Hendrix’s, Morrison’s, Moon’s, Vicious’ et al. where are the drug snorting, porn star shagging, Jack Daniels swigging bad ass mother funkers? Answers on a blood, sweat and tears stained postcard.

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