Stop drawing pictures and draw your breath

Stop sleepwalking and get to bed

Stop listening to others believe in yourself

Stop smoking cigarettes and save your health

Stop drinking beer it rots your brain

Stop being clever and go insane

Stop following leaders and start to lead

Stop wanting products that you don’t need

Stop eating food that makes you moan

Stop going out and stay at home

Stop reading books and read your mind

Stop watching films and direct your life

Stop taking drugs get high on life

Stop standing still and take a ride

Stop feeling wasted and feel alive

Stop looking for something you can’t find

Stop writing letters you’ll never send

Stop starting things that you can’t end

Stop feeling useless when you are low

Stop starting to stop and start to go

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2 Responses to Stop

  1. Moniqa says:

    This is the manifesto for people to follow. Highly approve of the \’seize the day\’ mentality that I\’m still struggling to put into effective practice. So while i struggle on all I can say is HEAR HEAR! Are they all your own ideas? Little mental kick up the arse in each line Good stuff

  2. marq says:

    Thanks its always nice to know someones reading!! yes everything apart from the quotes section is all my own work. i managed to skim your sit the other day, will take a proper look later. i hope you can find things in my stuff to help you if only a little bit. take care marq x

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