Peter O’Toole is Peter O’Toole, well he’s actually Maurice but you could be forgiven for thinking otherwise in this scarily autobiographical role. He is playing an ageing actor in his twilight years knocking on heavens door so to speak and he is marvellous. With brilliant support from Leslie Phillips as his best mate Ian its like ‘Withnail & I’ revisited. Jodie Whittaker is pure chav as Jessie as she enters the old men’s lives and starts to cause Bacardi Breezer fuelled madness. Maurice always a ladies man falls for her and names her Venus (after one of his favourite paintings) but unfortunately his mind may be up for it but sadly his body is not. Struggling to come to terms with his inability to pull like he used to and keep up with the young he tries to woo Jessie with culture and art and this unlikely friendship see them both learn a lot about themselves and each other. From side-splittingly laugh out loud to heartbreakingly beautiful moments this film has it all and the script by Hanif Kureishi is full of chances for O’Toole and Phillips to shine as the grumpy old couple. Low on budget but high on life the film is peppered with meditations on what it’s like to grow old and see your own impending closure creeping ever closer. It could have been over sentimental but it cleverly avoids all the clichés and with the fabulous performances, O’Toole is Oscar nominated, it is a pleasure to watch. It must have been a hard role to play for O’Toole as it is so close to reality but he handles it with a grace only he could and its great to see him having fun and showing everyone he has still got it as an actor and when all is said and done its been an hour and a half in the company of some fine British talent and just like the painting from which it takes its name it is a work of art.

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