Student f*cking loans.

Apparently these people are supposed to help you, lend you cash while you study to better yourself and don’t ask for it back until you earn enough money. That’s nice of them isn’t it? It is unless there is a right royal (mail) cock up. Yes I’m ranting but I received my court summons this morning. It may comes as a surprise to you dear readers that I don’t earn enough to pay back my loan (and loans people it is nearly twice as much as I borrowed thanks to your competitive rates of interest) and thus every year without fail I am deferred, I don’t have to pay because they know I cant afford too, a simple fact that has seemed to slip their mind of late. So last year I received my deferment papers as I do every year and have done since graduating in 1994 and as I do every year I filled them in and sent them back. This is where the story starts some months later I receive a phone call asking me if I’ve had my papers. Yes I reply I sent them back to you months ago to which they replied ‘we haven’t received them’. Lost in the post no less and the last time I checked missing post was not my responsibility and therefore I stupidly thought not my fault. They sent me out a new set of papers, I filled them in and sent them back, they received them and as I don’t earn enough I qualify for deferment and am now deferred. Then I get on with my life. The next I hear from them is a letter saying I owe them £180 so naturally I give them a ring to query this as I am not aware I owe them anything and I am deferred because I don’t earn enough money. Imagine my surprise when I told the amount owed is for the time between when I posted the deferred letter that they didn’t receive and the ones they did. So due to a lost letter I am now in debt to the student loans company to the tune of £180 even though they know I can’t pay as they themselves confirmed I don’t earn enough. So I wrote them a letter explaining as I have to you dear readers the situation, I was kind of hoping they would write back saying ‘ok its not your fault the letter was lost and as you don’t earn enough and are deferred we will add it on to what you owe thus increasing the amount you can’t afford to pay back slightly’ that would have been nice. But oh no life’s not that simple, how could I be so naive? What I got was a letter telling me I had to pay £320; naturally this sudden and quite large jump in the amount had me questioning what was happening so I wrote to them again. They replied and informed me that the increase was interest on the outstanding amount and by the way you now owe us £490. So the company that knows I cant afford to pay as they themselves have deferred me are not only charging me for a short period of lost mail but also adding interest on to the amount all the time its outstanding. Well I have to tell you I can’t quite get my head round this and as I find it a little unfair  decided to fight my corner (after all I cant pay it, they even said so themselves) . That was until I received the dreaded pay now it or else letter. Now the thing is I still can’t afford to pay it but I also don’t really want to go to court or have bailiffs knocking down my door for my belongings so I have come to an arrangement, not a suitable one by any means but one all the same, and the final tally from the people who know I cant afford to pay them as I don’t earn enough, £1,088.80. Bastards.

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