The U.S. vs John Lennon

In a time when documentary filmmaking is as valid as any other comes one about the genius Lennon and his struggle against the American government. Yes fans will love it but so too will others as this film has as much to say about the political climate in America around the Nixon presidency as does about John and his music and beliefs. One of the things that I particularly enjoyed was how the film put a lot of things into context for me, I could see how and why the famous bed in happened, lyrics started to stand out in songs and start to have more relevance than they did before and I now know why the FBI were following Lennon and saw him as such a threat. Of course I could hold my own in conversations ‘well he was so outspoken wasn’t he’ but through interviews and old footage this film really pieces together what Lennon had actually let himself in for at a time when America was split in two by the Vietnam war. John of course was beside himself that a singer from Liverpool could pose such a threat to one of the most powerful country’s on the planet and until the FBI started to use heavier tactics carried on spreading his word of peace and ‘war is over if you want it’. Heady with New York and meeting new people John and his way of thinking ended up mixing with what the government would describe as the wrong crowd and it wasn’t long before he was being followed, phone tapped and eventually nominated for deportation. Lennon of course stood his ground and fought the case. This film not only showcases Lennon’s talent, vision and power it is also testament to the message he was giving to the world ‘all we are saying is give peace a chance’. The fact that this film exists means that his message is still going for future generations what he did in his life is being echoed in eternity and I think John would have liked that.

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