yes trees

In the aftermath of all the Christmas shenanigans there is one advert on television I just don’t get. It starts with a series of shots of various trees and a voice over asking everyone to recycle their Christmas cards at Tescos. Last year, the voice says, we recycled over ten tonnes and replanted 20,000 trees. Now I’m not knocking this I realise that this is a good thing but can I just say one thing ‘cut out the middle man’ people? If people didn’t send ten tonnes of cards we wouldn’t be cutting down or replacing 20,000 trees in the first place. Not to mention paying someone to pulp and plant as I doubt they do it for free. Ok the recycled stuff goes to make really cheap tissue rolls or ‘air paper’ as I like to call it, I want to do my bit for the environment but I draw the line at getting shit on my hands every time I go to the loo which tends to happen unless I use the whole roll taped to the end of a wooden spoon like a kind of arse loofah. With the invention of e-cards, pints and voices I’m sure you can stop sending cards to people? Use your imaginations send them a lovely leaf (a trees natural waste) spayed silver with happy whatever written on it or leaflet for the local kebab shop done up nice (we get at least one of them a day through our door) yes recycle but think outside the recycle bin.

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