The mix up game

How to play:


Take two words and swap round the first one or two letters of the first word with that of the second i.e. whisky drinker ends up drisky whinker.

Ha ha ha it’s very good fun for all the family.


Good examples are:


Pharty potos

Loney hut noops

Forn clakes

Rock coach

Tarpet cacks

Toffee cable

Pamp datch

Pog doo

Soilet teat

Sarsnip poup

Fog dood

Furry bront fum


Bad examples are:


Banana boat

Cream cracker

Bumble bee

Easter eggs

Silver spoon

Fish fingers

Cheddar cheese

Porky Pig

Tina Turner

Fish face

Strawberry split

Fanny features


See what fun you can have.

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