Neck ache?

Word of warning to the young and an apology to the old and wise. Just lately I’ve realised I’m getting a bad neck, it seems if I sit in anyone one position for any length of time I get a shooting pain at the top of my spine and it hurts. I can also work out how It has come about, ready for it…..head banging (you can say I told you so now mother). All those years shaking my head like I was trying to make it come off (also I’m pretty stupid as I say all those years like it was so far in the past and I don’t do it anymore who am I kidding I was doing it just before xmas) also my poor neck not only was I whirling my head round like a fairground ride what about all that hair it had to hold up (down to my nipples no less), swinging round and getting sweaty and subsequently getting heavier as the nights progressed and what about all that break dancing I did before that? All those head spins couldn’t have helped. What about all the times I went out in really cold weather without a scarf? What about slouching? And lets not forget the massive brain it’s been holding upright since (or is that big head?). No I can honestly say I think it’s all that moshing and head wobbling finally catching up with me. It is time for my neck to receive some TLC. At least until the next gig or night out comes around.

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