Just An Observation.

When shopping the other day I went to buy a computer game and it dawned on me how strange computer shops are. I don’t mean the shop itself, it is much like any other establishment you go to purchase things you want, I mean the staff. The very few times that I have actually been in one I have either been served by an amazingly attractive girl or a not so amazingly attractive geek. This is actually quite cunning for shop sales and excellent fun to observe. The geeks serve as wealth of knowledge of all things gamey and whilst being at the counter is probably the closest any of the gamers have been to an attractive girl. You can see their eyes light up if served by either but for very different reasons, obviously. The nerdy computer boffin assistant with his hands constantly bent into the shape of a controller like a kind of console arthritis are heroes to these customers not just because they found the magic hat of Balthazar in the ogres secret pantry on level 204 of the forest of magical dragons eggs but because they get to stand next to the attractive girl assistant all day not just when purchasing the latest instalment of the legend of mograhs revenge and they manage to not get a hard-on, which is so difficult when surrounded by all that gaming paraphernalia and a real life girl or two. The attractive girl assistant serves the purpose of being the ultimate object of fantasy as the customer is not only in awe of her beauty but also under the delusion that because she works in a game shop she too must play games and love Babylon 5 and want to go to comic conventions dressed as ultra-cat. Truth is she probably hates it and just needs the job to keep her in make-up and shoes but she’ll play along with the pasty faced boys as they drool over the latest release and probably the counter because even though she’d never admit it to anyone it makes her fell like an x-factor contestant and not just a shop assistant even if its only between the hours of 9-5.

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