new year?

It’s the one thing we all definitely have in common, we will at some point all die. Now I’m sorry to be morbid but it’s kind of in my head at moment. It all started on Christmas day with James Brown then continued on radio 4 with their question ‘what is your highlight of 2006?’ to which my reply would have to be well I’m still here and then on Saturday my great uncle herby died. Of course I know that people die all the time from accidents, wars, murder, illnesses, natural causes etc but sometimes it’s just in the front of your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it. Whenever it comes close to me I think back to all the friends and family and influences that are no longer with me and of course I think about all the times I nearly wasn’t here writing this. Its six days until my 32nd birthday and I’ve spend the last I don’t know how many years battling with manic depression, hidden to most, open to a select few. So as I start another year I wonder how this one will go, better than the last or god forbid worse, we shall have to see. Anyway I just want to take this opportunity to thank the unsung heroes who have made it possible for me to be here doing this (they know who they are) and say a big fuck off to those who haven’t (I know who they are) and so a fond goodbye to last year and warm welcome to this one. Let’s see what happens shall we.

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