The Host

Quite simply a big monster movie from Korea. It has been described by some as jaws meets Jurassic park and that is pretty accurate to be fair. It doesn’t take long to set up the premise of the film as an army mortician pours dangerous chemicals down the drain and creates a kind of giant dogfish with an amazing array of teeth. From here on in its action all the way with all the added elements you would expect from any eastern horror film, slapstick, mythology and blood lots of blood. There are a few flourishes from the director using various tricks like slow motion etc but the real star is the beast as it swims, runs, jumps and eats its way around the riverside. I think that underneath the action there is a metaphor relating to the SARS virus but it so vague it’s almost too easy to miss and the monster side distracts further. If you like you films a little off kilter with a pinch of fun to balance out the horror then this is the one for you, but if you are looking for the neatness and an ability to make sense of what you seen when you leave the cinema then I would save this one until it comes out on video. So an ok stab at the big monster genre but its not quite there as a whole, sadly.

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