Killers: Sam’s Town

After the success of ‘Hot Fuss’ there is high expectation for follow up ‘Sam’s Town’. Lets just say it doesn’t disappoint. On first listen the Killers have, well, killer tunes. With a bigger more mature version of the sound they carved out and made their own on the debut record it has all the old elements in place. It sounds like a great rock record up there with anything by Queens of the Stone Age but not as heavy, this could be their desert sessions. It’s all dusty, drink filled, back street bars of the American way of life, you can almost see Brandon Flowers propping up the bar with Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Bob Dylan and the Band all sharing a bottle of bourbon over a song writing master class called ‘how to make the next great American rock record’. Some of the goofy lyrics that made us fall in love with the first album are still there but in the same way the band has matured musically so to has the lyrics, they have kind of grown-up while retaining that child-like quality that not only made them easy to remember but easy to chant along too. It’s a future classic and a record that should see the now touring Killers have to look for much bigger venues next time they hit the road. Expect to be hearing this album for a long time as the Killers will no doubt take over the airwaves and assault the single and album charts.
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