Scissor Sisters-Ta-Dah

Well I thought it was about time I wrote my review of the sisters’ new album Ta-Dah especially since they scored a UK double by being number one in both the single and album charts. In a recent interview lead sister Jake Shears said that everyone would be hooked after only one listen to latest single ‘I don’t feel like dancing’. Well he’s kind of right, but I think it was the second or defiantly the third listen that got me on board. I used to hate the sisters when they first arrived on the scene, mainly due to their appalling cover of Pink Floyds ‘Comfortably Numb’ but each song off that first album eventually wriggled its way into my brain like little musical mind bugs and I was, as it were, converted. So it was with excitement that I purchased my copy of the new record and it doesn’t disappoint. No one makes music like the sisters since Kelly Marie retired and one of the Bee Gees kicked the bucket. It is a style that makes disco cool and funk funky while always being on the right side of camp to attract a mixed audience. Basically it’s the first album turned up a notch, its catchier and despite darker lyrics it’s a lot of fun. With a little help from the likes of Elton John the sisters move effortlessly from supped up disco glam stomps to heartfelt ballads with a groove. Every song is a potential single with the exception of a couple, but 11 out of 13 isn’t bad. If there is any justice in the world then this album will not only gain them more fans in the UK but it should go someway to helping them  break their own country, America. It is a great record and a great leap on from the first that should see them filling stadiums before too long.
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