The Fratellis

Well here they are, out of the blue, with apparently no marketing just good music and hard work. Well ok. I’m not really fussed about the, if any, hidden agenda’s behind this bands rise to fame, all I’m interested in is are they any good? The album opens with the fierce thunder of ‘Henrietta’ a real T-Rexy boot stomper, so far so good. But by the time the trumpets kick in on track 3 we are in familiar and now defunct Libertines territory and you can faintly hear the ghost of the Specials in the background. At four we are into a Small faces/Kinks hybrid with whimsical lyrics and melancholy guitar. Latest single ‘Chelsea dagger’ steps out of the spotlight and with echoes of a Lola vibe is perhaps the freshest 3-minute pop song since Supergrass’ Caught by the Fuzz’. The overall lyrics, complete with cheeky references from The Rolling Stones to the Stone Roses, are tales furiously filled with gin soaked nights in back streets with transsexuals and delivered quicker than a bullet, keeping the pace punky without losing the pop edge. At times the lead singer starts to sound like Kelly from the Stereophonics, which would be ok if you like them, I don’t. ‘Everyone knows you cried last night’ is surely a blatant nod to ‘the Clash’ and the album closer is the best ballad Oasis never wrote. Its just a good job Noel doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to borrowing bits of other peoples songs or the Fratellis would owe the Gallagher brothers a cheque. The band have taken all the best (and a few of the worst) bits of music from the last three decades and compiled them into a referential but fun album, it’s not original but it is good knock about fun. Get drunk, dance about and have fun with The Fratellis just don’t expect them to help you tidy up in the morning.

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