I’m poorly poor poor.

It’s one of those days today. I woke up with a head cold and just wanted to stay in bed all day eating muffins and writing new songs. But I had to go to work. It’s so hot outside and it shouldn’t be its September for god sake, global warming is definitely a problem people, unless you just want to top up your holiday tan or you’re like a camel or something. It’s just my luck that I get a cold right when I’m really busy. It’s my fault I don’t eat enough vegetables. I lay in bed last night shivering even though it was warm and had a dream that Bob Dylan signed my guitar, twice and spelt my name wrong both times. He also didn’t look anything like himself which was weird but I put it down to the cheese cob I had before attempting to sleep. I hate feeling like this because it makes everything else seem rubbish even if it isn’t. Like thinking I’m having a bad hair day when I’m probably just being paranoid. Note to self get a haircut. I try to think of what I can eat when I go home something to make me sweat like curry or soup I’ve got to get these germs out of my body and quick. I just haven’t the time to be ill. I need my duvet to wrap up in, I need to cocoon myself from the world and hide until I feel able to face it again, Say a week next Tuesday. Being ill also makes you ratty and you feel like no-one is giving you sympathy so you bite their heads off at any opportunity. Not a great way to meet people or impress your friends. Anyway I’m only blathering on because I’m feeling sorry for myself. Maybe I’ll stop now and go back to thinking of what to have for tea. Then I’ll go home spend ages making it and probably lose my appetite at the precise moment its ready and then feel even worse. Life sucks when you feel like crap.
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