look at the little fella, can’t get too close hes deadly..

There is an old phrase that goes ‘live by the sword, die by the sword’ and that pretty much sums up the tragic news today that crocodile hunter Steve Irwin has been killed. Ironically it wasn’t a crocodile that got him but the barb of a stingrays tail through the heart. Strewth. Now I know he had a habit of poking, grabbing and generally annoying the animals so he could show them to us but I have no idea what he did to piss off that stingray. Apparently they rarely attack and the last recorded death by stingray was in 1945. I myself along with my sister have stroked stingrays while on holiday and they seemed pleasant enough chaps. Some would say its faith others stupidity that made him challenge even the deadliest of creatures like he did. Anyway whatever he did at least he died doing what he loved, being in the environment with the animals and making a documentary so the world could learn more about different species. After spending many an enjoyable afternoon in the company of the mad croc wrestling Aussie I will sadly miss his reptilian antics and goofy optimism. My condolences goes out to all his family and friends, but they should console themselves knowing that Steve was one of a kind, he made a difference and the world needed him. In fact it needs more like him, it’s a dangerous job but someone’s got to do it.
Steve Irwin R.I.P.
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