Hefner-B sides and Rarities

I first discovered Hefner when they released their sublime debut ‘Breaking Gods Heart’, a tender mix of six-form poetry with Wilde’s wit by geeks on guitars. The only person to have worst luck with girls than lead singer Darren Hayman was Mr.Bean, but that is half the charm of the songs of failed love and awkwardness to life situations. Hefner never lost that ability but just became the most famous unfamous band. If you knew them you loved them and everyone else had no idea who you were going on about. They never made it big, but they made it, John Peel thought they were great and regularly played them on his radio 1 show. So six albums and many E.P.s later they split up in 2001 to pursue various projects. Here then we arrive at a 43-track release and a reminder of just how great a band Hefner were. What other band has 43 discarded tracks this good? These were the ones they didn’t use, if you have never heard them imagine how good the tracks they did use are. For fans this a Pandora’s box of delights in Hefner’s unique style with lyrics that should be embarrassing but in their hands become genius. The collection works backwards from when they split to when they formed and has outtakes from every album and some singles. With the addition of a few covers this is a brilliant and diverse record. It is a good swan song for a band that captured the hearts and minds of many but seemingly just not enough to go massive. Nether the less they have left us with some great albums and now this collection, we couldn’t ask for more.
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