Kuato at the Maze

Instantly gripping the crowd with a voice not unlike Chris Martin Kuato’s lead singer croons over a sparse acoustic with slight drums and some ambient sounds for backing. The opening song pricks up your ears and demands your interest but isn’t really any indication of what to expect. Their sound one the freshest I’ve heard in a long while dabbles in everything from Rage Against the Machine to Queen, Add N to X to Dashboard Confessional with bits of Depeche Mode and Meat Beat Manifesto. When they rock out they really do but every now ‘n’ again slide into a slice of Buckley-esq beauty. Confident and tight there is no loose ends here only the crowd unfamiliar with the songs let them down by applauding in the wrong places, but I do feel that can change with time. Ultimately they come across Muse like, not because they sound like them, though at times they do, but just because of the vision. Not afraid to mix it up, take chances and juggle styles. They should be set for greater things but I fear due to the fact they can’t be pigeon holed or labelled that they will skirt the edges and build slowly until they are regarded as an exciting and innovative band.

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