District 13

With two taglines, one to put you off ‘by the makers of the transporter’ and one to tickle your interest ‘a Luc Besson film’ I went along to see what district 13 was all about. What it is all about is free jumping and some kung-foolery. This is Frances answer to Ong Bak or House of Flying Daggers. With a loose storyline it’s really all about the action, right from the start. Set in 2010 its uber cool with an opening sequence David Fincher would kill for before hammering headlong into cars, guns, and gangs and of course some free jumping all set to a booming techno soundtrack. The area of the films title refers to a walled ghetto controlled by gangs, drugs and fear, it’s a place the cops won’t go. Our sexy super toned hero is on a one-man mission to clean up D13 his place of birth. When he is double-crossed he has to join forces with a toned up kung-fu cop to undertake a dangerous mission. This unlikely pair of posers beat, shoot, fight and jump their way around the district in a series of crazy situations. The film is really a no brainer but the action is impressive as is the style all choppy camera work and cut and freeze without ever becoming the Matrix meets La’ Haine. It’s all about the style and it’s defiantly all about the moves, with a sly nod to Scarface’s corruption of power=downfall kudos it is an enjoyable romp around the most dangerous district in France in the not too distant future.

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