What is love?

What is love? I know it’s a biggie but it is one question that has raged on for so long with no answers. There are many types of love, for example the love you have for a TV show is different to the love you have for your favourite pie and your love for a family member is different from the love you have for the person who lets you play with their privates. They say love makes the world go round, so love is also gravitational pull as well and I love gravity it stops me hurtling into the sky, which I love, but I also love the distance we have between us. But love has a darker side too, you could love seeing someone you hate fall down a manhole or love covering your cat in Sellotape and watching it fall over. But it seems strange that virtually every other song ever written is about love yet it is still a mystery that can’t be explained by science and I love that.
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