Regina Spektor: Begin to hope

If you’ve not heard Regina Spektor you should. As wacky as anything Bjork, Tori Amos or more recently Nellie McKay has done but with the chanteuse, femme fatale of style of Nico. Russian born Spektor is an amazing songwriter and performer. You see the thing is it’s not really your fault if you’ve not heard her yet she is pretty much the best-kept secret and really hasn’t made the impact she deserves. Why is perhaps down to maybe because most of her early albums are only available on import and will set you back £50 or so quid. My suggestion is buy the latest and find a fan to borrow the early recordings from. Then spread the word about Regina’s quirky piano led ditties and her sultry voice and the bits where she sings in Russian and just how good ‘Begin to hope’ is from track one, ‘fidelity’s hooky chorus right up to ‘Summer in the city’ all 12 compositions are winners. So yeah tell everyone, get her early records re-released and let’s make her into the star a few of us already know she is.
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