Poor Trees

Now I’m not all hippy save shit but I’m starting to feel sorry for trees. It’s easy to see why the rain forests are being so rapidly depleted just by the amount of junk mail I receive. In a vein attempt to tidy the clutter in my mind I thought I’d tidy my room and I got rid of two bin bags of paper! Junk mail, bills, circulars etc. I thought e-mail would slow the trend slightly (of course I get electric junk spam) but it seems to have increased. The thing is it is all for shit I don’t need, a menu for the local sandwich shop; no thanks I have imagination; if I can’t think of a sandwich I’m a moron. A space bed, new phone or windows, no thank you. I find it hilarious when you walk past an empty shop with a glass door and an ever-increasing pile of junk mail at the base shovelled in like snow. And the postie keeps on posting, when can they technically stop? When it is full from floor to ceiling, front to back? No one is ever going to read them, burn them maybe. An uninformative and quite useless fire hazard. I’m not sure how many letters you can get out of one tree but I must have got rid of a shrubbery. I wonder up to this point how many trees I’ve been sent through the post? I must have had enough junk mail to stretch to the moon. Is it in this digital age a rouse by Royal Mail to make sure there is enough work to do? Who knows? All I know is I’ve had enough. The next person that sends me a piece of paper might just get one back with the words ‘just f**k off’ on.
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