Only fools on horses…

Based on an idea set out by the BBC this week who called a show where z list celebrities had to learn to horse ride ‘only fools on horses’ I decided to come up with a few of my own.


Rising dump

Six celebs become bin men/women and get the money for charity when they have successfully filled a landfill site.



Mad puppet and annoying git Basil travels to local hospitals to interview the survivors of heart attacks.


Dads barmy

We find six celebs with senile dads who we then send to boot camp. We film the son’s hilarious reactions as we send their loved ones into war torn Baghdad to aid our troops.


Some mothers do lav’em

We take six new celebrity mothers to ditch the babies in favour of working for a drainage firm who have the contract to maintain the toilets at next years Glastonbury festival.


The bad lift

Watch original cast members of the good life Felicity Kendall and Richard Briers mend lifts for charity in some of the roughest areas in Britain.


Only foo’s and hoes yeah

Celebrity couples become pimp and prostitute to see who can make the most money for a good cause.


Steptoe and songs

Celebrities Charlotte Church and Aled Jones are asked to swap their glittering singing careers for that of lowly rag and bone folk in the east end.


Till meth do us part

We send celebrity druggies Craig Charles and John Leslie out on a night on the tiles out of their tiny minds on crystal meth. Will they be together at the end of the night or will they lose each other.


Hand cocks half hour

It’s a frantic race to fill the blue peter thermometer with population paste as celebs only have 30 minutes to pull each other to victory.


To the manor born identity

Eight new born babies are mixed up at birth the celebs have just one week to assign each baby to a mother, as the decision is final they’ve got to be sure.


Fawlty towers

British celebs check out American architecture to see if it can withstand enemy attacks.



Along with the other tubbies po is trapped on a crumbling ridge. Can the celebrities work together to save the hapless mites and thus save drug addled, acid based morning television for kids and students alike.



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