Inside Man

How I missed this film on its release is beyond me but I did so I caught it on its second run, a little late but glad I did, as it’s a great film. Spike lee’s modern day bank heist in Manhattan is superb from start to finish. The script is sharp with some killer lines and the direction is ultra smooth. Denzel Washington plays a police hostage negotiator who tussles throughout with Clive Owens criminal mastermind. I’ve never really rated Clive’s acting before but here he shines as the bad guy and along with denzel’s performance they keep the film flowing along at a thrilling pace. Basically its cat and mouse with a twist or two but it is so stylish and clever and funny that it just has such a fresh feeling about it. With an orchestral soundtrack that should seem out of place but strangely fits, the music only goes to enhance the overall plot. There is an array of supporting cast members from bank staff to customers who all have their own little scenes that are cut in at intervals during the film to reveal a little more of the plot each time. Then the film wraps up with one final twist in its tale. Sharp, intelligent and different Spike has pulled off the perfect bank robbery film.
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