The Automatic: Not Accepted Anywhere

Recently we’ve had a few bands putting the fun back into ’emo’ if that’s possible with overseas efforts from Fall out boy and Panic at the disco being two standout examples. Well now we can toss our coin into the well in the shape of welsh boys ‘The Automatic’. You may have already heard the stomp of their latest single ‘monster’ attacking the airwaves and I have to say that at first I hated it but it grew on me and after a few listens and I couldn’t help but shake my ass like a loon. See that is the thing there is no new ground being broken here but it is a good fun record. Imagine if the Lost Prophets cracked a smile and you’re as close as your going to get. Not Accepted Anywhere is a post punk emo-pop (e-mop) record and quite a fun debut.


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