Plan B: Who needs actions when you’ve got words.

I was so looking forward to this album, with Rage defunct, Kurt dead and the Streets going off the boil, I’m expecting great things. Thing is it just doesn’t quite deliver. Soulful choruses seem tacked into every song for no purpose other than to make it sound like a single except Plan B’s mouth is so foul I doubt he will ever get radio play, as it would be just a series of beeps. Lyrically he is raw and challenging, there is no question he’s real and from the streets, but he repeats himself in two couplings, which just sounds lazy. ‘No more eatin’ is this year’s ‘dry your eyes’ done by Rage Against the Machine and comparisons to Eminem can’t be ignored. The thing is for what he’s spitting the album is just to over-produced. The few pre-tracks I had which were solo and acoustic were far more bitter and angry, adding a catchy soulful chorus seems to make the songs lose something. At times it seems almost like he is desperate to be popular, but he should have relied on his raw talent and strength of the songs as apposed to studio finishings. For someone with such a fresh sound, elements of the songs just sound so eighties and dated, there is one chorus that sounds distinctly like Omar at his prime. The thing is I really like Plan B and I rate him as a fresh new talent but I can only hope he goes the route of Alanis Morrisette who recently released an acoustic version of her multi-million selling album ‘Jagged little pill’. Plan B don’t let us all down do an acoustic or live album because ‘Who needs action when you’ve got words’ isn’t what I expected at all its almost trying too hard and is over played and mixed far too well. This isn’t Rage live or Nirvana unplugged and its good but it’s not the one.

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