You talentless blunt

I just found something out about James ‘it rhymes with’ blunts record ‘you’re beautiful’, its writers have just won an award. Yes you heard me right, writers plural, two, more than one. It was bad enough that this middle of the road bland excuse for a song was out there anyway all drippy and soulless, not even got hairs on its ball yet make up or break up wimpy w*nkfest. But the fact that little Jim had to have help to write his tortured masterpiece is f*cking beyond me. Not the product of one brain but two, can someone please explain to me how it takes two f*cking idiots to write this drivel? I mean Jesus the song sounds like a wet fart in sleeping bag and that’s being kind to it. I am absolutely speechless that he couldn’t be that bland on his own and needed help. What is the music world coming to? For god sake.
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