Is there anyway to actually switch your brain off? Apart from blowing an exit hole in your head for at to fly out with the aid of a small firearm? I’m not sleeping again, I should be tired and able to but every time I close my eyes, there goes my brain off again on some random thought train like the shopping trolley of life all wonky wheels but full of stuff. Already I’ve dwelled on lemmings, the death of the inventor of Chupa Chups, whether to have a drink or not, why I have to get up so early to go to the doctors, bankruptcy, being scared of phone calls, love, writing down my recipe for spinach and sweet corn soup I invented tonight, why I’m happy to talk about masturbation but afraid to buy porn, what book I’m going to read next, whether I will need a wee in the night and will I be bothered or should I go now? whether a better camera would improve my photography, being annoyed by letting two people upset me today, what I can do at work to make people listen to me before its too late, whether its ok to ring people this late, whether this blog will get too big and I wont be allowed to put anything else on it and then have to get my own website and how much will that cost? I even wrote a great big reply to an email I got today in my head which means that by the time it comes to actually replying I will have forgotten it all. It is already light and now I’m worried that I will see another dawn and spend all the next day being told how tired I look. You’d be tired too if you had my brain.
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