The oh nO-men

Lazy Hollywood just keeps chucking remakes at cinema audiences like trifle in a food fight. The new version of the omen is no exception and I have to say it if this is what Armageddon will be like then I’m taking a picnic. The loose plot about Damien, the devils child, limps boringly across the screen never quite knowing where the hell it’s going. All the kids around me jumped twice during the film and spent the next twenty minutes laughing about the fact that they had jumped in the first place. If you can be bothered to see this film then you will smirk at the absurdity of it all. The only good bit is a death by a piece of wonky shop signage that in this health and safety conscious era you would have thought that the government might have appointed someone to go round the world sorting things like that out. Overall baby is born, bad things happen, the end, and that’s it in a nutshell and I’ve just saved you £5 and an hour and a half of your life. You can thank me later.

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