Will Self at Broadway Cinema.

I can’t wait, I’m anxious like a child, Will Self is coming here and I get to meet him. Although I’ve not really seen his appearances on Grumpy Old Men or Shooting Stars, I’ve read his books and short stories and I like his articles in the papers. I imagine he looks at the world a lot like I do with a satirical eye and a sharp hate filled wit. Its blazing hot and eventually a sun kissed and slightly dishevelled looking Will arrives, I take him to the green room where he asks if he can smoke, yeah I reply ill get you an ashtray, as he pulls out a big cigar and reclines leisurely on the sofa. By the time he takes the stage he looks a lot more relaxed and after a short introduction he begins a very animated reading from his latest novel "The Book of Dave". The story is of a disgruntled cabbie in London who writes down his grumblings, buries them and hundreds of years later they are discovered and treated as a holy book forming the basis of a new religion. His reading is one of the best I’ve seen as he takes on the voices and mannerisms of each character. As the book is set in both the present and the future he reads, to a captivated audience, a chapter from each. Then we are treated to the real Will in conversation with Georgina from Nottingham Trent University. Will is a talker, not because he likes the sound of his own voice but because he loves words and language and revels in it tumbling either on to the written page or from his mouth. He is also a lot calmer these days sighting water and long walks among his pastimes as opposed to drink and drugs of old. But whether older and wiser, straightened up and focused he is none the less charming and funny to a tee, when it comes to questions from the audience he gleefully goes off on one in his answer to each. I think even he was surprised by some of the questions and as the audience hung on his every word you could see the twinkle in his eye of a man having fun being fed material he could respond to with such vigour. A fully satisfying hour later and its time for the book signing, as I reach the front he recognises me not just as a punter but also the guy who welcomed him into the building and although getting my name wrong (he was close) he smiled signed my book and told me he wouldn’t forget my name again. And that was that, I met Will, Will met me, mellow, articulate, captivating, a great presence, a great writer and a genuinely nice bloke despite the facade.
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