Everyone knows me.

Everyone knows me. When I go by everyone recognises me. When I turn up at a situation they know I mean business. I don’t mess around; day or night if you don’t see me you’ll hear me. Of course I only let my presence known if I need to, no sense in drawing attention. There are a few out there that don’t respect me like they should, but in most I demand fear and apprehension. I don’t mess about; I’m straight to the point. You learn early on about my sort, my type and you remember. You don’t forget, you never forget. If I’m called on you are either saved or in trouble, relieved or scared. As I shine my bright white spinning lights beneath the blue casing atop a car or van or engine you will know. As the blue flashes cut the night sky like the sharpest blade through the softest flesh I am unmistakable for what I am. You know me, you recognise me, you know who I am, everyone knows who I am. Everyone knows me.

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