thank the Lordi!

It is a momentous day, popular culture has come full circle in on itself, reality television couldn’t be any further away from reality if it tried and Lordi won the Eurovision song contest. Finland notorious for receiving nil points in past years must of just thought fuck it. We never win lets take a chance and that is what they did. Enter lordi a heavy metal cross between slipknot and the cast of a George A Romero movie. Armed with songs like ‘Would you love a Monsterman?’ and ‘Devil is a Loser’ they are defiantly not easy listening. So what is their entry for the contest like? Well it is called ‘Hard Rock Hallelujah’ and contains some impressive lyrics like

The walls come down like thunder, The rocks about to roll, It’s the Arockalypse, Now bare your souland the all too descriptive ‘Wings on my back, I got horns on my head, My fangs are sharp, And my eyes are red, Not quite an angel, Or the one that fell, Now choose to join us or go straight to Hell’. With a stage show that includes pyrotechnics, a detectable axe mic stand and wings that unfold from the lead singer like a scene from jeepers creepers it’s not just the song that’s brilliant. So how did they win? Novelty value? Or because they put the fun back into what was slowly becoming a tired institution watched by millions, remembered by no one. If you ask anyone to recall a memory from past years they will probably say the Bucks Fizz skirt removal during ‘Making your mind up’ in 1981!, 25 years ago!. Doesn’t that make you feel old? It’s sad that two blokes pulling the skirts off two women to reveal shorter skirts is a highlight. But not anymore, Lordi have ushered in a new era, by taking a chance and coming away victorious they have opened the floodgates. Expect next years contest to be a wash with all manner of acts, each with it’s own unique array of gimmicks and stage presence, I for one cannot wait. Thank the Lordi.

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