If kiss kiss bang bang was your older wisecracking brother then Brick is your younger, cleverer one. With its own unique form of Shakespearian Street slang the script is as sharp as knives. Shot in noir style but set in a modern day drug filled America it has quick twists at every turn. Laced with femme fatales and seedy dealers it is one outsiders story of finding truth in the murky underbelly. When Brendan’s ex calls him for help before going missing it opens up a can of worms, which he is compelled to get to the bottom of at any cost. Shot in washed out blue hues like in traffic by the end of the film that’s just how you feel, drained both physically and mentally. As viewer you are finding the clues as Brendan does which grips your mind and sets you on the edge of your seat. Taking sections of old noir-style films it’s a heady mix that barely gives you time to breath, when you do get chance you wonder for how long, before being thrown headlong back into the sordid affair. First time writer and director Rian Johnson has not only constructed a hip, cool, cult type thriller but a film that should appeal to a wider audience. Joseph Gorden-Levitt (last seen in mysterious skin) is excellent as the intelligent outcast Brendan and really steals the show as he unravels the madness. With one final kick the film comes to a dramatic close but not before you have been through the mill. An edgy, edge of seat surprise debut that any film fan will love. 

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