The Raconteurs

With the imminent release of Jack Whites devil’s pecker sucking coke-cola advert sell out, I really want to dislike him. The thing is it’s going to be really hard too with a record this good. Of course anything with Jack singing on, because of his distinctive voice, will sound a little like the White Stripes but with Brendan Benson doubling up or taking the lead this is a whole new package. From the opener, single ‘steady as she goes’ we are firmly in a seventies type homage. The influences range from the band to led zeppelin and effortlessly glide from ballad to Bonham style drum rumblings. But the trick pulled off here is although the influences are present they still manage to sound like themselves, modern, fresh and catchy. With some impressive guitar licks and melodies draped over the top of a rock steady backbone of drums and bass both Jack and Brendan get to show off their skills. Jack says he will go back to the White Stripes in the future but if this record is anything to go by I don’t think anyone would mind if he didn’t. Side project or not this is one hell of an album from quite literally a ‘supergroup’.

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