Sinister Jeans @ The Social

In tonight’s incarnation of the band we are lucky to have front woman Lizzy backed by tom of Penfold Plum and Origami Biro fame. With an expectant crowd eager to hear new and familiar songs they take to the stage. Lizzy’s voice is a heady mix of a 1920’s jazz singer with a dash of P.J.Harvey and she can hold a candle to the best of them as she belts out lyrics of love, loss, nights out and embarrassing fumblings. When she picks her guitar it is beautifully complimented by tom playing slide. At times visibly nervous (probably because there were so many friends in the audience) Lizzy completes her set with the subtle anthem ‘f*ck the summer’ and it is all over too briefly. But given chance to keep performing and overcome her nerves I can already tell she will develop into an amazing performer whether fronting a band or playing solo. Check out the songs at
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