So they say you remember where you were when Kennedy was shot (if you are old enough) I suppose you may remember where you were when you heard Kurt Cobain was dead or when lady Diana had been in a car crash. But where were you when you joined the myspace revolution? Are you even on board yet? It is revolutionising the way we mail, comment, hear music, stalk people, laugh at Americans, tell strangers what we do and don’t like and all in public view on the world wide interweb. It started in America and is slowly creeping over the technologically advanced globe. Bands have got fans, fans can mail heroes and everyone knows how bad you taste is in everything. From uploading goofy photos to videos of you goofing off, it is every bored 14 year old emo-kids only way to tell the rest of the world how bad it is being young (possible also their only source of light?), it is every hopeful budding musician who’s ever picked up an instrument’s way of letting others hear their warblings and desperation to be famous, it is every prom queens extra excuse to get their tits out on-line in a skimpy bikini and every jocks way to show the world just how he pimped his ride (and maybe his torso?). All this with photo evidence and semi-literate text. I have already been chatted up by a guy called Robbie in Liverpool. He mistook our space for that of a young girl and I hadn’t the heart to mail him back to let him know we were two middle-aged fat blokes doing folk music. But don’t let me put you off it’s amazing. Complete strangers with access to computers can request to be you friend. You can block them but why bother, this is the best self-esteem tool invented, support groups should force people to set up sites and every week at the meetings they could compare just how many (cyber) friends they have. ‘Last week class you’ll remember that Pauline was at quite a low ebb, she only had 3 friends, how many have you got this week?’ ‘5’ ‘5 that is brilliant, everyone give Pauline a round of applause’. It is also like the best crack cocaine on the market, I’m addicted and I just can’t get enough. I spend hours trawling the 64 millions spaces of weirdo’s and curiosities it is like a modern day freak show from the comfort of your own home. Seriously though get online make a space and start to meet all the people with too much time on their hands you never would have met in real life. Go on you know you want too.

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